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Title: The Hand GunSlinger


The Hand GunSlinger – This mixed media artistry was inspired through the collaboration of the advertising movement in the early nineteen-hundreds to the vividly colorful geometrical shapes, creatures and flowers we ought to awe over in this magical World. The opposing elements of vintage black & white consumer products from the year 1908 to the fundamental geometrical shapes with a stylistic deliverance of Pop Art allows for contributing contrasts at varied levels. The intention of the Artist is to wow the observer on an innovative & unique level in the utilization of such materials & color spectrum. 


Width: 48.25 inches / 122.55 centimetres

Height: 50.5 inches / 128.27 centimetres

Depth: 0.5 inches / 1.27 centimetres

Acrylic, 1908 Vintage Sears Catalogue Pages, Pebeo Vitrail, Drywall Plaster.

Canvas is of High Quality HardWood Plywood.

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 3.51.40 PM.png
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