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Penny Quin - The Black/White Economic Gap


Spending several months in creating this work of Art brought much joy.

I was fortunate enough to have the support of friends and family members in helping  secure thousands of Canadian Pennies to necessitate the completion of this piece. The methodical process in using various solutions to clean the pennies and ensuring the prevention of oxidation was a sincere test of patience. 

Once cleaned, each and every penny was carefully glued onto the mannequin and layers were completed for a more visual appeal.


The spectator can simply appreciate this art work from a perspective in their own right. The shiny metallic substance that was once in our earth can stimulate the mind into ones own jovial thoughts. 


Specific to the meaning of this creation, the sculpture is the subject matter or equality as it relates to me on a profound level as there are those close to me who can relate to the negative circumstances that can sometimes occur in their lives, simply for having the coloured skin that they were born with.


Wealth does not define who we are nor permits us the power to abuse the system at the cost of the "lesser" fortunate. 

With the constant and continuous fight for equal rights we find ourselves in a battle that is precisely that - constant. 

This project allowed me the opportunity to display the beauty of this to signify the ever presence of inequality.


When I think of a righteous cause, I think of the time it takes for such a cause to be heard. Equally, the patience and appreciation taken to complete such an art piece. 

Patience is a magnificent virtue for ones character. Equal Access to prosperity is the signifying message.

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