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Title: Love All


Love All - This title is self explanatory in the sense that we ought to respect and love our fellow human beings (along with the environment and its species). This Work of Art delivers an element of recognition signifying the capacity we must have to one another regardless of Race, Colour, Ancestry, Place of origin, Citizenship, Ethnic origin, Creed (religion), Disability, Age, Sex or Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender identity or Gender expression. 


The expressiveness of colours denotes the notion of our variances in the World.

I was raised in a family environment that promoted equality, tolerance and open mindedness to all. It is the only way to peace and acceptance. There is beauty in us all. 


Having clean lines to separate each person within a squared section can’t be viewed as how different we are from one location to another across the vastness of the globe. Yet, having the diversification of colours within these individuals on a singular canvas demonstrates that we are all part of much larger picture.

Love All - This painting was completed in being mindful of the love we must have for one another.

Width: 36 inches / 91.44 centimetres

Height: 48 inches / 121.92 centimetres

Depth: 1.5  inches / 3.81 centimetres

Acrylic & Spray Paint on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas

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