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Title : Lignaggi - Stare directly in the middle until the perception of your personal Universe is evident


Lignaggi - The true origin of our "being", our energy is part of the Universe(s). However you portray this, or understand the true basis and meaning behind it, is of course based on our individual perception. Whether this be on a conscious and/or subconscious level. 


This work of Art was created to draw in the observer into its very core. To harness all your attention for an extended period of time by placing all your energy in the one and only area, the centre of it all.


We are all too often distracted by corporate marketing campaigns, on-line social media, the internet, the saturation of apps and gaming systems that seem to pollute and dull our true essence as human beings. 


My intention is for the viewer to focus on this work of art with all its simplicity and zone into the very centre without complicating the matter with overthinking. To engross yourself in a meditative state within the nucleus of said painting. 

Shut it all down and simply be.

Simply Observe.

Width: 36 inches / 91.44 centimetres

Height: 48 inches / 121.92 centimetres

Depth: 1.5  inches / 3.81 centimetres

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas

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