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Let Them Be


Let Them Be - A sound description of the proclivity I personally have in taking on the responsibility in what I eat and how I live. The beauty and life within the oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds are epically divine. 

Choosing to be a Vegan for the past year, prior to that often eating vegetarian meals, I have noticed spectacular changes around me. Personally and the positive influence it has had on others I care dearly about.  


This work of art displays moving parts. The sun pierces the ocean with all its glory displaying moving currents of varying colours, all of which interacting as though in unison. 


The solid, geometrically shaped tail, provides this mammals strength and prowess within its home as it passes through the ever mysterious World beneath us. 


I chose configured lines of sleekness to provide various thicknesses to contour the body and deliver a brilliant appearance displaying potential for movement as life often does. 


I truly wanted to show the erratic behaviours of large bodies of water in particular with colour variances, movement, and as seen on the bottom of the painting a more dense portrayal of the ocean floor. This mimics an undersea river at the bottom of the ocean which is far denser in matter.


Again, one can simply close their eyes, touch this work of art and envision a majesty of messages.

Width: 48 inches / 121.92centimetres

Height: 36 inches / 91.44 centimetres

Depth: 1.5  inches / 3.81 centimetres

Acrylic, Pebeo Vitrail & Hand Made Wax on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas

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