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No Pride In Genocide

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As many other Countries around the World throughout history, the Canadian state has perpetrated genocide against Indigenous peoples. 

Bearing the news was devastating to our nation and to myself on a personal level. I am part Abenaquis Indian Nation and have the distinguished and proud genetics coursing through my very being, this from my Mothers side of the family.  


What better way to express oneself than through the act of creating Art and immortalizing the chaotic & barbaric ways of fellow human beings for all to see through future generations. A plea to learn through history, hoping to never repeat itself and work towards unification for us all. 

The background chosen colour is that of orange to signify the recognizable colour of the Indigenous Peoples here in Canada, specifically.

I decided to choose Orange as the canvas's main background. This colour was naturally chosen to represent the Indigenous many Cultures. There are a plethora of other colours streaking across the canvas which symbolize unity amongst humans form around the World. As well, and more specifically the Indigenous people in reclaiming their respective cultures. 

For Indigenous people, the application of body and face paint is historical and very significant, highly spiritual and powerful. This ritual dates back thousands of years and for generations this practise has always been in existence and was done in a ceremonial way. 


I utilized a heat press process on individual pieces of canvas to signify real pictures of events that transpired during the cultural genocide years before. This process shows real life incidences to the observer, further shocking the viewer into realizing the tragedies that took place. These pieces of the canvas were then glued onto the main canvas reminding us of the continuous segregation, detachment ignorance and lack of acceptance society often places on the Indigenous people and many other cultures. There is no tolerance for Hypocrisy.


I would love nothing more than for Art such as this piece to shine a light of love, respect and tolerance.

No Pride In Genocide.jpeg
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