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Humans + Artificial Intelligence + Singularity = Chaos?


Creating this Art Installation was heavily influenced by my own personal experience of the rapid development of technology and the relationship it has with us humans. 


We all know of people, loved ones included, who have a significant and personal reliance on devices such as computers, cell phones and gaming systems. 


If devices are to ultimately begin taking over ones life it is said to be an addiction comparable to drugs, alcohol or name a few. 


Creating a work of Art to display these concerns and to stimulate the thinking process is paramount to me. 


Pre-COVID, I have seen coffee shops filled with people sitting at tables and focusing all their energy and attention exclusively on their cell phones as oppose to conversing to one another. Walking the streets with thy head solely focused on social media apps. Delivering a lack of attention to what is unequivocally in front of us.


A lengthy debate on new generations co-existing with technology as a means of replacing natural human independence. 

Is this an exponential catalogue of the new human?

Dependence, distraction and reliance on the mighty Artificial Intelligence? 

The new highly addictive drug of society.


Bewildered by the over stimulating aspects and addictions many of us have with gaming, online social media usage, iPhones, apps and so forth. 

The blank stares on the faces of these reconditioned mannequins can coincide with that of many relatable people in todays society. 


Progressively pushing the boundaries with artificial intelligence. Progression, it is in our nature to do so.

I have personally known, and attempted to help, many who have been affected by these types of addictions, often unknowingly to themselves. In accepting this particular lifestyle, that appears to be of normalicy, is limiting the human potential. 


I feel that we have become so intimate with online utilization that we have lost focus on the life all around us. Nature, human contact, exercise, nutrition, reading, writing, art, being there for one another, expanding our minds through meditation........


Will Artificial Intelligence advance to a capacity that will suddenly trigger exponential technological growth on its own command?

If so, will the one mannequin with no eyes be an accurate state of being blind to the World around us?


A flip side to the coin, technology can be has its place and we can certainly use it to benefit us in our daily lives. With this type of power comes a greater responsibility in having the discipline to prevent the gluttony of over usage.

There is certainly the beauty in maintaining friendships and contact with family members, so readily, all over the World. 

Information at our fingertips is an excellent resource, no doubt. 


In this piece, I wanted to display fluidity with a specific set of colours. The metallic mannequins are evidently the Artificial Intelligence component that have strongly become a part of us all. The vibrant red, centre mannequin, emulates the human capacity for continuous love, affection and empathy.

The broken heart seen on the chest is how destructive technology can be, without emotion. 

It is my intention to fuse these matters together, seamlessly into a World of strange confusion and the relationship that is forming at 

such an epically rapid pace.

My original intentions was to produce a painting of this passionate topic of choice, however in context I though it better to have the dimensions of a human being that is more relatable in a three dimensional creation. 


Will the uniformity of humans and artificial intelligence create ultimate chaos? or a cohesive & positive relationship?


"Artificial Intelligence could spell the end off the human race" ~ Stephen Hawking

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