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Entity In Disguise


This Painting I dedicate to my cousin who officially came out as a Transgender. 

This individual whom I love and cherish very much was the indubitable inspiration for this work of art. 

Stirring my mind with endless creative endeavours I chose this idea for my artistic conquest.

Understanding the full scope of gender issues that many face is a disquieting issue. 

Conquering the fear to open up about such an unnecessarily complex topic for many is an immeasurable element. 


I have been experimenting with spray paint for some time now and have adjusted the technique involved based on the visual context of the look that I wish to achieve. Controlled methods of precision in the geometry giving the illusion of depth. 

My attempts to ensure all the gender signs were evident within the canvas as seen scrolling downwards as would be seen in an ancient scroll such as in the Book of Isaia. 

Producing a rite of passage for gender equality for all of time, past - present - future. 


The second picture taken of this art work was located on the gorgeous St. Lawrence River in Ganaoque, Ontario, and from a great distance. 

This signifies how truly distant we are in accepting fellow humans from all backgrounds and "walks of life". 

Within the same photo and to the right is an endless landscape of opportunity, peace and tranquility once accepting life as it is. 

There is an incredible amount of effort we must place on extinguishing the true essence of our ignorance.


Another note to comment upon is the hazy sensation created within the box itself signifying the common thread of being sometimes unsure with who we are and how to identify oneself in this World. 


One would not realize who they were until they stopped being who they were not.

Width: 36 inches / 91.44 centimetres

Height: 48 inches / 121.92 centimetres

Depth: 1.5  inches / 3.81 centimetres

Acrylic, Pebeo Vitrail & Hand Made Wax on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas

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