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Corey Chad Ceccarelli



Corey Chad Ceccarelli has always been exposed to various styles of art through his Mother (Gisele Gauthier) who is now focused on oil paintings as well as his late Grandparents (Irene & Alfred Gauthier) who displayed their personal talents in various crafts. 


Throughout Ceccarelli's life, he has found himself 

creating various artistic elements through the beauty of imagination. Experimenting works in Photography, creating many award Winning Short and Feature Length Film productions (Ryerson University and Afterwards), Wood Working, Pottery, Multimedia (McMaster University),  Mixed Media Art, Abstract Geometricalism, Optical Illusion Art on Canvas, Sculptures & Installation Art. It has been over the last several decades that he has enjoyed completing works of art that entail challenging & creative elements in methods through the plethora of these varied mediums. 

Since his senior year of High School, Ceccarelli was a Professional Model for many years experiencing the fascinating and unique World of Fashion, Photography and Creativity through a myriad of very talented individuals he considers himself lucky to have worked with.

Experiencing Fashion and Art around the World was an experience that has set forth the current chain of events.


Ceccarelli's works of art are often subject to the energy he possesses, which is boundless & abundant. 


Corey often begins with an idea through the use of imagination or something that he may have seen or read or even listened to via music. Nature is another trigger that allows for his initial pursuit of creation. 


The personal process is sometimes unpredictable and often continues to evolve until the end product of conceptualization. 


"I view no mistakes in art, for anything that seems like a mistake can quickly transfer into sovereign beauty."


"My intent for the viewer is to fall into a void of distraction which occupies their entire being. To find nuances inside and throughout the entire canvas and to place those comprehensions and similarities within their own personal experiences through their conscious & sub-conscious being. We all view life in vastly different ways. I wish to invoke the idea of curiosity and allow the individuals imagination to soar to great levels."


There is always a personal message at play, although the viewer may not readily see this. Indeed this is the case with his seamless transition from one unique calibre of art work to the other. 


"Imagination is boundless, endless, and when harnessed & utilized, life will never cease to have meaning. "Art", to myself, is an experience that will forever push the boundaries equal to the limitless of the Universe. It is mind exploration. It is imperative to express ones creative prowess. Perpetual methods of articulating your chosen medium. For these and numerous other reasons, I will eternally create art, regardless of the form or process."

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