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Corey Chad Ceccarelli



Corey Ceccarelli came from a family of artists in varying degrees and capacities. Corey has always and continues to be influenced by his family, along with his peers.


Mr. Ceccarelli's collaborative efforts with other artists of varying creative backgrounds is always a welcomed venture.


His artistic approach derives from his emotions, curiosity, and imagination. Often wondering if he ever lost the child within himself. 

At times there is an unexplained energy source that allows him the means to create works of art that cannot be explained. 


At the moment, Corey is focusing solely on pure painting. A process that is ongoing in the experimentation of mediums (acrylics, pastels, charcoal) that are often combined with one another to create a lasting impression that provides an onslaught of emotions to the observer. 


Mr. Ceccarelli’s habitual creative ways delivers him to the creation of several different canvases at a time and pivoting from one piece to the other. This allows Corey moments of reflection on each individual work and maintains excitement throughout the creative process.


An upcoming solo art presentation / exhibition will take place at the O'Connor Gallery in his hometown of Gananoque on June 16th, 2023, a couple months later, an art residency in Berlin, Germany during the summer/fall months of 2023.

The focus will be on the utilization of "figures" that are both recognizable and desirable to human needs, wants and curiosities. Major themes will focus on Energy / Human Relationships / Science / Nature / Sexuality. 

Fusing the many senses and individualized perception in achieved works of art is an actualization that Mr. Ceccarelli wishes to strive for regarding his artistic ventures.


There are times Corey creates methodically concise works of art, and other times pieces are completed through great spontaneity, unbounded works of art that deliver him high levels of appeasement with the creative process that becomes unperturbed with the end result. 


When creating Art, Mr. Ceccarelli’s intent is to have the viewer fall into a void of distraction which occupies their entire being. 

To find nuances inside and throughout everything that is created and to place those potential inspirations and senses within the viewers own mind and personal perceptions.


Corey understands that as humans, we all interpret & view life in vastly different ways which he finds exciting when viewers discuss their personal interpretation of individual pieces. He wishes to invoke the idea of curiosity and allow the individuals imagination to soar to great levels. 


Creating Art for Corey is an experience that will forever push his personal boundaries equal to the limitless of the Universe. 

A constant act of minds exploration. The perpetual methods of articulating various chosen mediums. 


For these and numerous other reasons, Corey Ceccarelli will eternally create art, regardless of the form or process.

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